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No army in the history of the world has ever seen so many snakes come at them! Tons of fun!

Really polished game, I went for an army of snakes! Is it possible to see what wave you're on and how many units you have?

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Thanks for that playing it!

Once you'll die there's an end screen showing how many rounds you survived.

I can add a counter for how many units you have as well to that screen, clever idea! :D

I love this aesthetic, graphics and sound are perfect. Also, great gameplay as well! This is very well made, great job!

Looks super great and big respect to the flawless retro atmosphere. Music-Art-Design everything is so cool ;)

Bouha bouha bouha I have at least 10000 troups!


I LOVED it, from the towerless idea, to the art, to the audio, to the balance and upgrades I mean everything :3


Dude, this this look great! Love the Game Boy aesthetic, the menu's, etc. Look's like you put too much thought into this jam. Haha! Great job!

Appreciate it! :)