Libgdx gamejam #15 project.

Took me 3 hours to complete since I started on the last day with only 5 hours to spare.

It's really bad but it's fun!

Spam click on falling objects to not wake the player up and therefore make him die.

Hitboxes are buggy for whatever reason, but oh well.


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I thought it was easy, and then almost all the house fell xD

I thought I was doing so well.. And then... well... I wasn't.
Cool game for something made in 3 hours!

After a few keys, and piano i lost :D but i will try again until i get to the master level :D Nice one ;)

My fingers... I thought I was going good until it all came down. I was going to try and use my touch screen but it didn't work. Good job though :)

Hoot D:

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A  playable graphical game ! Interesting choice of different "happy endings objects scenario" and a wonderful "game over screen". ( I would not spoil it on the game page if I was you :-) ) I liked it!